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Private Guided Historical - Cultural - Ancient Sightseeing Tours to Miletos Milet from Kusadasi Turkey by Taxi - Cab -Chauffeured driven Car.

Private Miletos Tours - Excursions :
Destination to Kusadasi :58 km
How you go there :Driven Across Söke Güllübahce 1 hours from kusadasi by Taxi
Charge of the Entrance :3 .- Euro per Adulth person.
Information :Guidebook and Map of about Miletos - Turkey, is avaiable to find in Kusadasi or at Place .(if wanted)

Available: All Year.
Departure: Includes all transportation to and from Kusadasi Port or izmir Port.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
No extra hidden charge
We would like to introduce you local culturel aspect of Ephesus by showing as handmade Carpet & Rug Art Weawing Teaching-Village of Turkmen.And Ephesus Ceramic Center
Note: The temperature can get quite hot during the summer months so don't forget to bring a hat, sunglasses, water and of course your camera.
o   Taxi Excursion / Tour to Miletos from Kusadasi for 64,00.- Euro
o    Miletos & Didyma Priene for 89,00.- Euro
o   Miletos &Söke Market for 69,00.- Euro
 On the Prices for the Excursion by Taxi are the Entrance Fee -Parking Fee -Meal -Guide not Included .The Price are for taxi , not for each person ,our taxi have 5 seats,aiconditioned, comfortable.And Our driver has knowledge about around and speaking English .              



History :About the History of Miletos
Miletos located north of Priene, about 60 km away from Kusadasi.After Miletos is Didyma 20km. far to the south..
Miletos is one of the oldest cities of Ionia. The city was on the point where the Buyuk Menderes ("Meander") flew into the Aegean Sea. Because of the alluviums, Miletos has been remote several times from sea, which explains that one can see today different harbors. Miletos was also the city of many scientists and philosophers such as Thales, Anaximander, Hekataios (principle source to Herodotos) and closer to us, Isidorus, the architect of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Miletos had its alphabet recognized by the Greek world as the official Greek alphabet, basis of the current Latin alphabet. In the Xth BC, Miletos has been invaded by Ionians and the city reached its apogee in the VIIth and VIth centuries and developed in one of the most significant cities of Ionia. In 494 BC, the Tyran (prince - governor) of Miletos, Aristagoras, started the "Ionia Rebellion" against the Persians where they collected some success at first but at the end lost the war. The Persians demolished the city and sent its habitants to Mesopotamia. In 344 BC, Alexander the Great invaded the city and had its trade redeveloped. In 200 BC, Miletos became the dominion of the Myceneans, fact that is shown by the style of the ceramics in the houses and the city walls. During the Roman Empire, it became an independent city and later a bishopric at early Christian times. During the Byzantine period Miletos was called "Ania". As of that time, due to geographic and climatic changes, the city completely lost of its importance and was to be abandoned.