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Private Guided Historical - Cultural - Ancient Sightseeing Tours to Didyma Temple from Kusadasi Turkey by Taxi - Cab -Chauffeured driven Car.

Private Didyma Temple Tours - Excursions :
Destination to Kusadasi :98 km 
How you go there :Driven Across Söke takes 1 hours from kusadasi by Taxi or Minibus
Charge of the Entrance :2 .- Euro per Adulth person.
Information :Guidebook and Map of about Didyma Temple - Turkey, is avaiable to find in Kusadasi or at Place .(if wanted)

Available: All Year.
Departure: Includes all transportation to and from Kusadasi Port or izmir Port.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
No extra hidden charge
We would like to introduce you local culturel aspect of Ephesus by showing as handmade Carpet & Rug Art Weawing Teaching-Village of Turkmen.And Ephesus Ceramic Center
Note: The temperature can get quite hot during the summer months so don't forget to bring a hat, sunglasses, water and of course your camera.

o   Taxi Excursion / Tour to Didyma Temple from Kusadasi for 69,00.- Euro
o   Didyma &Miletos Priene for 89,00.- Euro
o   Didyma & Bafa Lake for 110,00.- Euro
On the Prices for the Excursion by Taxi are the Entrance Fee -Parking Fee -Meal -Guide not Included .The Price are for taxi , not for each person ,our taxi have 5 seats,aiconditioned, comfortable.And Our driver has knowledge about around and speaking English 

History :About the History of Didyma Temple 

As a logical continuation, after Priene and Miletos, one goes to Didyma, a famous temple for its oracles. With a size of 110m to 51m .This temple dedicated to Apollo was the richest and biggest of the Ionian temples on Anatolian soil. It was to cover such a vast area, that its construction lasted more than 150-200 years and yet it was planned to be without ceiling. Again after the "Ionian Rebellion", it was to Alexander the Great to order its restoration. On the ruins of the VIth century BC temple, a church was built during the Byzantine period. Though the ruins one can see today, are of pre-Christian age.
The temple was famous all over the Greek world for its oracles so that it even surpassed the reputation of Delphi.The reason for which the harbor of Panamos near Didyma became very busy and was visited by lots of commanders, ordinary and respected people, is that they wanted to learn their future from the priests of the temple. The oracle ceremonies were in two steps: the Pithy would first comment the glitters on the waters of a well and then the priests would translate these into literal and impressive words. After the Lade War, many of the priests were to escape from the temple or killed by Alexander the Great and the temple of Didyma remained an unimportant temple till the Roman time.