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National Park & Zeus Cave

National Park & Zeus Cave TOUR DETAILS:
Available: All Year.
Departure: Includes all transportation to and from Kusadasi Port or izmir Port.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
No extra hidden charge
We would like to introduce you local culturel aspect of Ephesus by showing as handmade Carpet & Rug Art Weawing Teaching-Village of Turkmen.And Ephesus Ceramic Center
Note: The temperature can get quite hot during the summer months so don't forget to bring a hat, sunglasses, water and of course your camera.
o  National Park & zeus cave 25,00.- Euro
o  National Park & zeus cave 35,00.- Euro
On the Prices for the Excursion by Taxi are the Entrance Fee -Parking Fee -Meal -Guide not Included .The Price are for taxi , not for each person ,our taxi have 5 seats,aiconditioned, comfortable.And Our driver has knowledge about around and speaking English .

The Cave of Zeus Located in Güzelçamlı district, is visited by hundreds of people every day. Surrounded mostly by trees and flowers, The Cave of Zeus, pretends to be hidden from the view, making it a secret, mystical place. At the entrance you'll see a wish tree covered in pieces of material. People believe that if they make a wish and tie a piece of clothing onto a branch, it will be granted.

The sparkling clear and deep water inside the cave, forms the unique pool, suitable for swimming. The lake inside the cave tastes of carbonated mineral water due to the drinkable spring water coming from the mountains and the salty seawater. It's very very cold during the summer and hot in the winter, the cave attracts the attention of both local teenagers and tourists.

Indicating that the cave was the last stop for jeep safari tours organized around the national park, the mayor of Güzelçamlı explained the story of Zeus cave, ''According to legend, when Zeus provoked and annoyed his brother Poseidon, he used to hide in this cave to rest. While Poseidon, Greek god of the sea, made the seas rise, Zeus hid from his bad temper and wrath in the calm waters of this cave'' Today, when the sea is not very convenient to swim in due to the waves, the people come here to swim and recall the legend.

Whether you like hiking in the mountain trails or lying on a beach relaxing, the national park is a little piece of paradise.

Due to its clean environment, breathtaking views and clean beaches, the national park is the perfect place to have a picnic. There are facilities on offer such as benches, picnic tables, toilet and shower facilities. If you don’t fancy a picnic there are also cafes available.

There are many beaches to choose from, the Kalamaki beaches count of several bays the most important ones being – Icmeler, Kavakli and Karapinar.

If you’re not one to lie on the beach with a good book, there is always the canyon walk. A long trek around the beautiful mountains of the national park, perfect if you want to get out of the busy area and be at one with nature.

There are lots of beautiful types of flowers, species of birds and wild animals around. The most common being the wild pig, so do not be bewildered when you see a wild pig family wandering around the National Park